Who We Are

Peerless Gear is located in Salem, Indiana, USA and has been operating for over 75 years. We design, manufacture, and sell drivetrain units worldwide for commercial, agricultural, industrial, recreational, and residential industries. Service parts and replacement product for end users are supplied by our global service dealers and central warehouse distributor networks.

What We Do

Peerless Gear® offers a broad selection of drivetrain solutions for off-road applications. We proudly build differentials, gearboxes, transmissions, and transaxles. Our final drives also accept hydraulic or electric motors to meet your specific needs. These products are not only durable, but provide great value to the OEM and are manufactured in the United States.

We serve a diverse customer base that covers farm, outdoor power, utility/industrial, and recreational vehicles/equipment. We can provide solutions to virtually every industry that needs a transmission. You can find the Peerless Gear brand driving a number of OEM products. These products are lawn and garden tractors, zero turn mowers, recreational vehicles, powered spreaders, powered wheelbarrows, aircraft tugs, floor cleaning machines, and farm seeder/fertilizer equipment.

Our global support network consists of 12,000+ dealers in the US, Canada, EU, and throughout the world. Our Dealer/Distributor Networks have the expertise to provide service, maintenance, and spare parts for all Peerless transmissions.