Final Drives

The final drive is the last set of gears in the drivetrain. It transfers power from the drivetrain to the wheels using a system of gears that reduce RPMs and increase torque. 

In front-wheel drive vehicles, the final drive is located inside the transaxle. In rear-wheel drive vehicles where the engine and transmission are positioned in front, the final drive is located in the rear. For final drive parts and service questions, click here.

Peerless 1300 Series Hydrostatic Final Drives

Our 1300 Hydrostatic Final Drives, when coupled with an Eaton Model 11 Hydrostatic Transmission, can provide up to 400 ft. lbs. (542 N-m) of axle output torque. For applications with lower output torque requirements, the Peerless 1300 Series can be coupled to the Eaton Model 7 Hydrostatic Transmission. Ideal for aircraft tugs, garden tractors, mini tractors, and small forklifts. 

Features & Benefits

  • Final Drive – Housing is made from reinforced diecast aluminum with cast iron axle supports; axles shafts rotate on oil impregnated bronze bushings.
  • Gears – All steel cut gears, heat-treated.
  • Axle Shafts – 1” (25.4 mm) with key slots Differential – Automotive-type steel bevel gears provide smooth, long lasting performance.
  • Oil Bath Lubrication – Gear case can be used as reservoir for hydrostatic system; Eaton requires premium hydraulic fluid having viscosity equivalent to SAE 20W30.
  • Available 1310 Gear Ratio: 
    • 12.1:1 uses Pinion Gear #4237P1 from Peerless Gear
    • 16.2:1 uses Pinion Gear #4274P1 from Peerless Gear
  • Available 1300 Gear Ratio:
    • 19.7:1 uses Pinion Gear #42236 from Eaton
    • 22.2:1 uses Pinion Gear #40511 from Eaton

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Peerless 2200 Series Final Drive

Our 2200 Series Final Drive provides ultimate performance, durability, and ease of operation for residential or commercial applications. Designed to be used with a hydraulic or electric motor to drive the final drive. Applications include riding mowers, walk behind mowers, seeder/spreaders, floor sweepers, stable cleaners, power wheelbarrows, and powered brushes.

Features & Benefits

  • Housing – Die-cast aluminum housings offer outstanding heat dissipation and durability.
  • Differential – Automotive-type sintered metal bevel gears.
  • Axle Shafts – 3/4” (19.05 mm) with key slots; optional axle lengths and ends available.
  • Needle Bearings – on all shafts for longer life.
  • Brake – Can be used as a parking brake. NOTE: Brake is effective only when the power
  • source is not driving the input shaft of transmission/transaxle. CAUTION: Brake requires periodic maintenance and adjustment to ensure safe operation of equipment.
  • Gear Ratios – 22.091:1 and 20.014:1.

Peerless 2600 Series Hydraulic or Electric Final Drives

Our 2600 Series Final Drives can be coupled with an electric motor or hydraulic drive, providing up to 1,200 ft. lbs. (1627 N-m) of axle torque. For optimum performance, an optional four pinion, automotive-type differential, differential lock, and high/low range are available for the 2600 Series final drives. A great choice for general utility vehicles, 2-wheel drive tractors/mini tractors, 4-wheel drive tractors/mini tractors, garden tractors, and small forklifts.

Features & Benefits

  • Housing – Final drive is made from reinforced die-cast aluminum with cast iron axle supports; Peerless 2600 Series final drives are available with Peerless 2650 Series axles or 2675 Series forged axles.
  • Gears – All steel cut gears, heat-treated for extra strength, increased gear reduction for E-Drives.
  • Gear Ratios –
    • High: 20.6 14.0 11.8 27.3 15.4
    • Low: 20.4 40.0 27.3 20.4 27.3 22.9 32.8 40.0
    • NEW E-Drive Ratio – Single-speed Low: 52.2:1
  • Lubrication – Oil bath lubrication; gear case can be used as reservoir for hydraulic system.
  • Differential – Automotive-type steel bevel gears.
  • Locking Differential – Optional.
  • Parking Brake – Suitable for band or disc brake.
  • Forged Axle Shafts – Sold and shipped separately in a cast iron housing assembly.